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Find My Car – Ahmad Kharsah

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Car stealing become a big business these days.if you have a car and you want to keep track of your car if someone steal it, now you can by installing this App which give you the ability to track your car and get the current location of your car by Send Sms Contains Command to a phone you had install the App on it and hide it somewhere in your car . the command is “GetMyLocation:1” , This command will send the current location for the car to the command sender every 1 minute. if you want to increase the period you car send and period like “GetMyLocation:3”, this will send the location every 3 minutes. to use the App you need to install it on a phone and connect the phone with car charger and hide it somewhere in your car. also you have to keep GPS enabled and the App will enable the Data Connection if the App receive a Command “GetMyLocation” and will disable the Data Connection if the App receive the Command “Stop”.