1375103_622262134462116_1558760899_nI have become fascinated with Technology in my early childhood. It came from the curiosity to understand how things work and how these things had been built? I found the technology saturate my curiosity, I get my first pc when I was 8 years old, then I start discover this side of the world, it was a great chance to me to recognize the applications and understand the basic concepts of programming and sink deeply into technology depths ,then I start follow some basic instructions in the operating manual to write small applications using basic programming language , that feeling was wonderful to me to write some lines of code and let something happen on the screen or produce a sound from the speakers.

This aim was grow up with me and give me the motivation to work hardly and spend hours and hours to learn more and discover many areas of the programming and try to find out the best track which I like and enjoy with it. I tried the web development track in my high school years and in my first three years at university. During my work in web development I try to implement the idea which it shine in my mind on a web page even if it impossible ostensibly. I must admit that this character give me the motivation to gamble when I present my graduation project when I built a web based system to manage CISCO routers and switches remotely using web technologies and help me to pass the obstacles which is the lack of resources, and the second time in my professional life when I insist to build a web based system to monitor intensive care unit patients in Real-time criteria and accept the challenge to win or lose my job, lastly I win.

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