Saad Patient Monitoring system (SPMS)

SPMS Project is patients monitoring systems developed in Saad Specialist Hospital research build from scratches by very high skilled engineers working in bio medical and IT sector. SPMS consists of many phases starting with getting the vital signals from the patients (HR-SPO2-Tempreture-Resperation..etc ) then process these signals using signal processing algorithms,then display it in clinical format in order to be understood from the medical team which working in the ICU or other hospital sector.also this data sent to a central live-data warehouse for any request by a remote doctor or nurse.specially for the high risk patient’s cases like CORONA patients, also this data forwarded in real-time factor to a primary monitoring station and a secondary monitoring station to make sure the patient is monitored by the medical team for any case happen.finally this data stored in a well-design database to handle the high frequent queries,lastly discharged patient’s data stored in files for future use.This system developed under .Net framework and follow software engineering principles and work under Windows Embedded Systems.

System Structure


1- Medical Layer:

This layer contains two major components which reflect the live status of the patient, Patient Monitor (PM) component which connected to the patient to read the vital signs and represent it in clinical format and send it to the second component, Central Station (SC) which receive the data from the first component and represent that in clinical format , the major difference between these two component is that the PM is on patient room but SC is in nurses room or any open place in the ICU unit.

2- Server Layer:

This layer contains many services which make the communication between the different components possible and ensure that the flow of data is sequenced and the data exchange is stable and reliable.

3- Client Layer

This layer has the off-line mode which give the medical staff to review the patient’s records and waves, System has two clients Web client which is a web application to manage the system components (monitors- parts – maintenance history) for quality assurance and view the live patients currently admitted in the ICUs through web browser or smart phones, and Windows Client which is a windows application only for viewing the live patients currently admitted in the ICUs but usually medical staff use this client in the isolated units.

Screen Shots

Patient Monitor Screen Shots

Wave Mode All Signals


Wave Mode ECG Signals Only


Numeric / Wave Mode


Clinical Mode


Central Station Screen Shots

2-patients monitoring


4-patients monitoring


8-patients monitoring


Web Client Screen Shot


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